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In School Workshops

Bringing the arts back to school

Choir Performing
Creativity for ALL

Within our local schools, budget cuts have all but eliminated art, music, and drama programs for our students. Arts Outreach is able to place an artist in the classroom, providing the necessary arts education and materials to fill this gap. Arts Outreach has successfully placed artists in valley schools including: College Elementary, Santa Ynez Charter, Santa Ynez Elementary, Christian Academy, Ballard, Los Olivos, Oak Valley, and St. Mark’s Pre-School

Schools also have the option to choose “Artist-in-Residence” or a workshop program, which runs three times a year. This program serves approximately 3,000 students every year and bring the arts back to schools whose budgets don’t allow for art and music teachers.

​Teachers and Artists make the Team.

A cooperative relationship between teachers and the artist will insure that each professional gains the maximum from each other’s expertise. Teachers are encouraged to actively participate in the workshop activities for follow-through and integration into your regular classroom curriculum.

We are happy to design electives for Junior High programs. They represent long-term, in-depth workshops such as: producing a play, writing a class book, painting a mural, or dancing in a show.

Arts Outreach can custom design classes to suit teacher’s needs and requests, and are happy to continue to personalize workshops! If you have ideas for developing new programs, contact Megan at the Arts Outreach office,, with your suggestions.

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