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Creative Class

Bringing art to life, and life to art.


Coming Up!

Here is everything coming soon to Arts Outreach!


Summertime Arts

Creative Camp

June 10 - July 12


The Little Mermaid, Jr.

Summer Theater for grades 2-5


Bye Bye Birdie

Summer Theater for grades 4-12

Crafts Supplies

Art for ALL

At Arts Outreach, our mission is to make art accessible to everyone. We believe that art is a fundamental part of our lives and should be shared with the world. Our team of artists works hard to provide art classes and workshops to our community, offering hands-on learning experiences and creating a safe space for people to express themselves.

We believe that art is a powerful tool for self-discovery and encourages our students to think outside the box. We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to explore their creative potential, regardless of their background or age. Join us in making art accessible to all!

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